Sola hospitality

Global solutions

Designing and delivering to the Global travel industry is part of our business . At Sola, we structures to provide solutions to your operation’s requirements and to deliver anywhere around the globe.
Our design teams work with you to understand your business and to ensure we design and deliver the right solution for you or your customers. Always looking forward to changes in regulations and with a keen eye on sustainability and environmental awareness.

BSCI Amfori member

Since 2018 Sola has been a member of Amfori BSCI. Amfori is an organization which is committed to open and sustainable trade. The idea is that positive change can only be achieved through cooperation.


Celebrating our 100th anniversary with a brand new, brand identity.

Wij ontwikkelen en produceren al honderd jaar de mooiste besteksets en hoogwaardig keukengerei. Om ook de komende jaren voorop te…
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The ideal replacement of plastic cutlery

Light weight cutlery The world is on a mission. The momentum for the replacement of unsustainable single-use implements across the…
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