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Our company has designed and produced cutlery and service-ware to the highest quality for over 100 years. As a family owned and operated company, we appreciate and value the personal relationships we forge with our customers. Our mission is to understand the needs of your business and to design, create and deliver solutions. Our focus is on quality, value and service which we are committed to delivering.

Solution for the ban on single-use-plastics

Designing and delivering to the Global travel industry has been part of our business since aircraft took to the air with inflight services. At Sola The Netherlands, we structures to provide solutions to your operation’s requirements and to deliver anywhere around the globe.
Our design teams work with you to understand your business and to ensure we design and deliver the right solution for you and your passengers or customers.

The Sola DUO – vacuum beverage flask

Sola has developed the first steel vacuum flask designed to fit side by side on any beverage cart. This unique feature provides simple, easy use and immediate visibility for crew. The Sola DUO fits as a pair on any Atlas cart and fit six to a drawer, neatly. This flask is beautifully ergonomically designed and constructed to hold 1.5 liters of liquid at servable temperature for hours.

For updates, new features, options, samples and pricing – please reach out to your contact person for your area.

Environmental responsibility

Since 2018 we have been a member of Amfori BSCI. Amfori is an organization which is committed to open and sustainable trade, something Sola is eager to contribute to. Open and personal communication with our suppliers is a key factor in this for us. We’ve been working with some suppliers for several years, if not decades. Not only does this enable us to supply the very best products, but also ensures that our products are produced in a responsible manner.


Celebrating our 100th anniversary

The last 100 years we have been designing and developing the most beautiful, elegant and high quality cutlery sets...
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Mercury Award winner 2018

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Replacement of plastic cutlery

The world is on a mission. The momentum for the replacement of unsustainable single-use implements across the F&B industry is…
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More than a century in Zeist

Our original historic building in Zeist is home to Sola The Netherlands management and design teams. Here you can also visit our showroom and see the full product range of Sola The Netherlands products.