Light weight cutlery

The world is on a mission. The momentum for the replacement of unsustainable single-use implements across the F&B industry is gathering pace. The E.U. is legislating, and it is clear that others will follow. Companies who are able to make the changes now will incur the least cost and enjoy the values of not just being sustainable, but being SEEN to be sustainable.

So, in the cutlery world – and especially in the travel sector – what are your realistic choices?

Here at Sola Netherlands, where designing and engineering solutions is our focus, we have the answer. The answer surprisingly – is steel !

Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, incurring 50% less emissions than manufacturing from virgin ore and growth in the use of stainless steel is the highest of any material. Most importantly, it is 100% recyclable, reusable, extremely durable, safe and easy to maintain.

Armed with this knowledge Sola Netherlands has designed and engineered the world’s lightest and most durable range of stainless steel cutlery specifically intended to address the plastic single use cutlery replacement effort.

Cost effective?

It is possible that reusable, rotable or 100% recyclable high grade stainless steel can possibly be as cost effective as the plastic alternative? The answer from Sola Netherlands is Yes. With our super-light designs, at least 60% less weight than regular stainless steel airline cutlery, the cost savings are multi-faceted and take into account energy savings, environmental costs and long-term sustainability of both the product and the environment that it is used in.

What is this ultralight cutlery?

Sola believes the only reasonable and sustainable way to replace plastic cutlery is replacing this by a stainless steel version. The advantage of using stainless steel is that it is a natural product. The total production process is cleaner versus plastics, especially due to the recycling. Stainless steel is a circular/fully recyclable product. If left in the environment, it will return back to its original natural shape, without polluting the air, water or soil. Stainless steel is a rotable product and has a more luxurious look compared to plastics.

We have developed a complete range of 3 cutlery designs that can be the solution for you. They are ultra-light weight, able to be produced quickly in mass volumes and can be used as a rotable or disposable alternative.

You can navigate through this special section of our website and see all the characteristics, specifications and options. Please reach out to your regular contact person and receive all the data you need.