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Cutlery Design and Solutions

Since 1922, Sola The Netherlands has built its reputation and business on providing the best designs and manufacturing quality for cutlery for all areas of domestic and commercial applications. Today, we design and make cutlery and service-ware that is used around the globe in multiple hospitality, travel and service industries.

The beginning

From humble beginnings in 1868 when Johannes Albertus Adolf Gerritsen opened an Amsterdam jewelry store, and that craftsmanship was passed to the Gerritsen family which led 1922 to today’s Sola Netherlands
Marius J Gerritsen, started the company at the Van Reenenweg in Zeist where is still resides today housing our chief designers and administration.

Cutlery Design Solutions

Our history and business model is centered on the concept of resolving solutions. Cutlery and service ware is part of almost everyones daily routine at some point, so we give great thought and care to creating the right products at the right price and quality for the hundreds of applications where it appears.

Amfori BSCI

In 2018 we became members of Amfori BSCI. This organisation is devoted to honest and sustainable trade and Sola is happy to be a part of this endeavour.

Sola’s head office
The Netherlands

Our headquarters are still located in the original 1922 factory. Please visit our showroom to see our latest design solutions.