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Amfori BSCI

Since 2018 we’ve been a member of Amfori BSCI.
Amfori is an organization which is committed to open and sustainable trade, something Sola is eager to contribute to. Open and personal communication with our suppliers is a key factor in this for us. We’ve been working with some suppliers for several years, if not decades. Not only does this enable us to supply the very best products, but also ensures that our products are produced in a responsible manner.

Social compliance

All this is encompassed by the term ‘social compliance’. Actively maintaining and monitoring the supply chain creates an engagement in the production process and serves to prevent or eliminate risks altogether. In addition, many of our factories are also ISO and / or SA8000 certified. All this contributes to cultivating a responsible supply chain.

Sustainable development goals

Sola also applies itself to the sustainable development goals, as devised by the United Nations in 2015.

Sola has chosen to focus on below goals:

12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action

Efficiency in the Supply Chain

The purchasing department is increasingly focused on an even better quality control, timely order management and inventory management. Sola also aims to use uniform packaging for our product range, in order to make the best use of container space. This will make it easier to streamline transport from Asia, which will result in fewer shipments, which in turn will lead to reduced CO2 emissions.

Responsible Production

In addition to our qualitatively strong cutlery and pans, we’re also committed to expanding our product range with new items with a durable background and a long-lasting lifespan, in order to stimulate responsible, sustainable consumer habits.

The quality control team is also devoted to the theme of sustainability, which guarantees the future success of this goal.


At the moment, for example, we are attempting to reduce the use of plastics throughout our entire supply chain. Our goal for 2021 is to reduce our imported plastic by at least 15%. Plastic cutlery bags are slowly being replaced by paper bags and by developing more efficient carton packing for our products, the need plastic packaging is eliminated. We’re also looking into the option of using PET plastic.

Sola has also developed a sustainable cutlery line, made of steel and fully recyclable, as an answer to the dilemma concerning one-time-use plastic cutlery many companies are facing. This was introduced onto the market in 2020.

Continuous improvement

Sola is actively engaged in achieving the goals Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action, but is aware that this will take several years to accomplish. We will continue to anticipate and react to new developments in order to continuously improve ourselves. Of course we hope that our business partners will grow with us and hopefully we can play a motivating role in this.