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Our services

Our team of design expert have many years of experience delivering service-ware solutions to the travel and international hospitality markets. We understand your business challenges and are fully equipped to provide a complete service to guide and deliver you with solutions that will exactly fit your needs and your budget.

Contemporary cuisine and the demands of the travel industry are more complex now than ever. Pressures on environmental considerations, value and design trends are tremendous; at SOLA The Netherlands we set the trends others follow, we design to your needs and we deliver the best value whilst preserving the strongest considerations for environmental sustainability.

Our coverage is truly Global. Delivering to 90+ of the world’s airlines, a large market in Cruise and Hospitality sectors around the world, we can deliver our services seamlessly to you wherever you are.

Custom Tailored Solutions

  • Every customer has an individual need.
    We are able to tailor designs to your exact requirements.
  • We have the latest technology at our In-house design studio.

Guaranteed Global Delivery

  • With distribution in Europe, Asia and USA we cover the globe to any volume.
  • Fast and guaranteed on-time delivery.

International Customer Service

  • A team of multi-lingual specialists provides personal customer service world-wide.


  • With 100 years of experience, we understand the cost pressures in the travel and hospitality industry.
  • We work with you to deliver exactly what you need at a cost you can afford.


  • Our products use high quality 18/10 and 18/0 stainless steel only.
  • Silver-and gold-plating are available options.
  • New features are coloured coatings.


  • Working together with AMFORI, we ensure everything we do is with environmental considerations and compliance with the latest regulations.
  • We have a range of products able to replace the need for single-use plastics.