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Celebrating our 100th anniversary with a brand new, brand identity.

The last 100 years we have been designing and developing the most beautiful, elegant and high quality cutlery sets and kitchen supplies for every kitchen, and for every situation.

Shaped by time

As our modern kitchens change with the mishmash of cultures, and t.v. chefs being the new rock stars, our innovation, style, and appearance was in need of a new direction. Futureproof and of course environmentally friendly!

Today, served by Sola

We develop our products according to the needs of the user and always keep a close eye to the needs of “today”. Therefore, our new slogan “today, served by sola” fits this mission perfectly! And with these words we have designed a complementary fresh new look and feel to match our timeless designs in the current market. Wherever you have your meal, Sola will be there with you!

Innovation is the key

Beautiful, stylish and with care for the environment we develop our products according to the needs of the user, but only the best, and of course sustainable materials and respect for our planet.

Consumer, hotels and restaurants, catering services and the travel industry. We will always have an elegant and high quality design that fits your needs. Every day, and for every end user in over 90 countries worldwide, and that makes us proud.