Manhattan is one of the 4 available designs that can be used on-board to replace plastic cutlery utensils. Made from 18/0 chrome steel this ultralight cutlery can be used as a rotable or disposable set. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and has a more luxurious look compared to plastics. If this product is left in the environment, it will return back to its original shape, without polluting the air, water or soil.

Options & additional items:

All designs have options available, like adding your company logo. This cutlery can be supplied in bulk to any location world-wide. It can also be supplied pre-packed in a paper pouch, complete with napkin and/or pepper and salt sachet. The composition of the set can be adjusted to your preference, and even a stirrer can be added as well.

For more information and details about this light weight SUP plastic replacement cutlery project, please click here.

Additional information


Length: 165 mm; 8 grams


Length: 167 mm; 7 grams


Length: 166 mm; 9 grams


Length: 126 mm; 5 grams


18/0 chrome steel


0.5 mm


Tumble finish

  • Mirror, satin or vintage finish
  • Made from 18/0 or 18/10 stainless steel
  • In house design department
  • More than 90 airline customers worldwide
  • Cutlery design solution provider since 1922